Muscle Stiffness and How to Deal With It

Muscle Stiffness or Muscle Tightening could be very irritating. It gives you an unpleasant feeling and also restricts you from doing certain activities. Muscle stiffness is common and is treatable. You may experience muscle stiffness after long periods of muscle inactivity, during intense workout sessions, after exercise or workout or because of infection.

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Not exercising for a long time is unhealthy and you should regularly workout to keep your body fit and muscles in good condition. If you do not work out, your muscles get used to the everyday schedule and when you do exercise after a long break, your muscles get weak and you experience stiffness. Sometimes, you may experience “cramps”.  A cramp may be defined as a “contraction of muscle that is usually painful”.  Thus, it is important to expose your body to physical activities to avoid situations like these.personal trainers

It is very common to experience stiffness during exercise. This happens because either you have been working out for hours or you are putting a lot of weight on your body. Having a personal trainer Toronto is very helpful if you have no prior knowledge about exercises. Deficiency of Sodium and Potassium does not help either. In this case, stretching helps to relax your muscles, which in turn reduces the pain or stiffness you are going through. Putting a lot of pressure on the stiff muscle might cause it to tear up and cause an injury. Instead, you should rest for a while, hydrate yourself, fill your stomach and resume your exercise when the muscles start to relax. Consuming an energy drink also helps in speedy recovery.

You might experience stiffness hours after you worked out. This usually happens when a muscle is subjected to the weight being lowered. It is advised to gradually increase the intensity of the workout session rather than beginning with a heavy plan to avoid being stuck in a situation like this. This pain usually goes away on its own after a couple of hours or maybe even a day or two. Moderate stretching and light exercising might help the muscles to recover even quicker. This type of stiffness isn’t serious most of the time but if it doesn’t go away after a considerable amount of time, you should consider visiting a doctor.

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There is a chance that the stiffness you are experiencing is due to an infection. Infections cannot be cured at home and you must visit a doctor. Symptoms of a muscle infection include swelling up of the infected area, fever, weakness, etc. In such a case, a personal trainer Toronto will help you do the right thing. Moreover, they can also be the symptoms of hepatitis so it recommended going to check a doctor just to be on the safe side.

Rubbing a cold or a hot substance on the affected area gives relief. If you’re not sure what to do, a personal trainer Toronto will guide you. Visit a doctor if symptoms are extreme or do not go even after days.