Unlock the Difference between CBD Oil & Rick Simpson Oil

People who keep interest in medical marijuana are well acquainted with RSO. Also known as Rick Simpson Oil, this is one of the most concentrated forms of cannabis oil available in the market. After several tried and tested attempts, RSO has been crowned by the fraternity as an effective supplement for curing cancer.

However, a mass of people often confuses RSO with CBD oil owing to their origin and identical medical benefits. So, for both initiated and uninitiated here come a comparative analysis of Rick Simpson Oil and CBD for better comprehension.

rick simpson oil

  1. Origin

As a matter of fact, both RSO & CBD share the common genus plant. However, CBD oil is procured from hemp plant whereas; RSO is from Cannabis indica and strains of sativa. The former one bears fewer numbers of small-sized flowers. On the other hand, the latter plant yields bigger flowers in large quantities. However, both these plants are mainly cultivated for sufficing various medical needs. Starting from cancer to mental illness, these two herbs have more or less similar functions.

  1. THC Content

THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is a crystalline compound available in the cannabis plant. According to its chemical properties, this substance in psychoactive in nature and is responsible for producing a feeling of being high.

Precisely, THC has mind-altering capacities as it mimics the anandamide produced in the brain. High intake of THC can affect one’s cognitive behavior. One can notice a change in these following aspects after getting stoned:

  • Perception
  • Thinking
  • Movement
  • Coordination
  • Pleasure

Rick Simpson Oil has a high content of THC. The experts in medical marijuana have claimed that the oil of this sort contains full spectrum extract of cannabis. In all likelihood, THC content of RSO is of 50% to 60%. That’s quite good in amount.

On the contrary, CBD oil has a low amount of THC in it. Owing to its extraction from the hemp plant, CBD oil contain traces of THC, CNB and CBG. With such a low quantity of mind-altering substances, CBD is henceforth legal in various countries.

  1. Legal Obligations

Unfortunately owing to high THC content, RSO is abandoned in the majority of the countries barring the ones where cannabis is legal. However, considering its low content of THC, CBD is legal most of the nations.

Note: According to the norm, the optimum level of THC should vary between 0.2% and 0.3%.


  1. Safety Issue

As RSO has great amount of THC, it is not legally sold in stores. However, people by buying organic compounds can extract the same. However, individuals must  take proper measures to purify the oil prior use as it may contain various pollutants and germs.  CBD on the other front is available commercially and sold by reputable manufacturers. The oil remains generally free from any kind of germs.

  1. Extraction

Rick Simpson Oil is obtained by using a solvent-based extraction. CBD is procured by both CO2 extraction and solvent extraction respectively.

That’s the difference between RSO & CBD oil in a nutshell. As the former one is not available commercially, people can opt for CBD oil for treating their illnesses.