Muriel Agnes, MAEd., PhD.

Muriel Agnes is an educator and auricular acupuncturist. Her PhD (Energy Medicine, 2002) dissertation focused on the international use and experience of the Vascular Autonomic Signal, and a clinical trial that proved the reliability and validity of the VAS. Muriel also has a Masters of Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia (1987).

Since attending the International Conference on Auricular Medicine in Las Vegas in 1999, Dr. Agnes has apprenticed with several doctors of Auricular Medicine. She brought Dr. Beate Strittmatter to North America in 2003 to teach Auricular Medicine, and was then mentored in teaching the curriculum used by the German Academy of Auricular Medicine by Dr. Strittmatter and Dr. Peter Gross.

Muriel’s involvement in Sheng Zhen Qigong began about the same time, with trainings in Toronto and then Manila. Her love of this form of healing, and of Master Li, prompted her to become a certified teacher in Sheng Zhen and to bring Master Li to Nova Scotia to train practitioners in this part of the world.

Besides establishing and developing Vital Principle Institute as a continuing education school for health practitioners, Muriel contracts as an Instructor in adult education with the University of Manitoba.

Dave Maybee, RMT

Dave Maybee has been a practicing massage therapist since 2008, and auricular acupuncturist since 2005. At his clinic in Antigonish, NS he integrates myofascial release and energy work into his treatments, as he believes fully in a whole system approach to healing, incorporating the body and the mind. Dave has been involved with Vital Principle Institute (VPI) since 2005, when he completed his Level II training in German Auricular Medicine. Since then he has been practicing and teaching the medicine, and in 2012 became the lead Instructor for the VPI training program.

“When I treat patients I take my time to find out what the deepest blockages are to their healing, and work with them on many levels to move through these blockages. This is the true way to healing, and German Auricular Medicine opens the doors that allow us to reach these blockages and clear them. “Disease” is really a result of stressors on our system. Once we lift them, our bodies and our minds have the innate ability to heal itself.”Dave Maybee, RMT

Lisa Weleschuk, TCMD, RAc.

Lisa WeleschukLisa Weleschuk is a registered Acupuncturist, currently practicing in Calgary, Alberta. In 2006, she graduated from of the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she received diplomas in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as from the University of Beijing for studies completed in China. She started her journey with German Auricular Medicine in 2007, after attending a course on Auricular with Dr. Beatte Strittmatter. Her amazement and fascination with this medicine brought her to complete her Level 2 Certification with VPI in 2010.

In her practice, as well as incorporating German Auricular Medicine, Dr. Lisa works with body acupuncture, TCM and herbs, esoteric acupunture, and has a great focus on the mental-emotional, which she believes is essential for the body to heal.

Mark Volmer

Mark Volmer has been studying the healing arts since 2005. He graduated with his diploma of acupuncture from MacEwan University in 2010 and promptly began continuing his education to uncover the most efficient modalities to treat chronic illness in therapy resistant patients.

Mark currently practices out of his clinic in Cochrane, Alberta where he combines German Auricular Medicine, Laser Therapy, and Functional Medicine.

Paul Maybee

The key lecturer for the Low Level Laser Therapy courses is Paul Maybee, a well known part of the VPI team, an expert resource in the field of LLLT, and Director of Kingfisher Distributing. Paul comes to this field of laser therapy from a background of music, sound engineering and physics. Bringing his own research and knowledge about LLLT, and his skill as an educator, Paul deftly develops and presents the content of LLLT courses and workshops to meet the needs of practitioners.

Beate Strittmatter, M.D.

Dr. Beate Strittmatter is a German medical doctor whose practice emphasis is on pain management through acupuncture. In 1985, Dr. Strittmatter became a lecturer, and later the Director of Education, with the German Academy for Acupuncture and Auriculomedicine. She has published widely (numerous articles, 2 textbooks for MDs, an interactive computer-learning program) and has been instrumental in developing the methods of focus diagnosis practiced today in the field of auricular therapy.

Dr. Strittmatter has published her Pocket Atlas for Ear Acupuncture (2003) in English, and a second book, Identification and Treatment of Blockages to Healing (2004). These books, and Dr. Strittmatter’s engaging teaching style, now make this medicine as it is practiced in Europe accessible to North American health practitioners.

Dr. Strittmatter is a board member of the ACI (Acupuncture Certification Institute, Los Angeles) and teaches in Germany and Switzerland. Teaching with Vital Principle Institute is an avenue through which she is bringing her work in Auricular Medicine to North America.

Peter Gross, M.D.

Dr. Peter Gross was born in Germany in 1936. He graduated in medicine in Stuttgart, and continued his studies to become an urologist specialist. Dr. Gross had a private clinic in Stuttgart as an urologist for 25 years, during which time he and his wife Inge raised two sons.

Dr. Gross began learning acupuncture in the mid-1980′s in Munich, achieving a diploma in 1989. He has practiced acupuncture since that time
and has continued to attend further training in medical acupuncture in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, including training with Dr. Beate Strittmatter. This training also includes an annual weeklong international professional convention in Switzerland.

In 1996 Dr. Gross and his wife moved to Nova Scotia, where he has an acupuncture practice. He has been delighted to have the opportunity to assist Vital Principle Institute here in Nova Scotia in a medicine that he has found to be so clinically rewarding.

Rose Johnston, M.D.

Dr. Rose Johnston graduated in medicine in 1980 from the Dalhousie Medical School in Halifax. She worked as a family physician in rural practice for fifteen years, after which she refocused her practice for psychotherapy clients. In the mid-1990′s Dr. Johnston became ill with fibromyalgia, and began a deeper healing journey. This search led her to auricular medicine, qigong and homeopathy training, and to some of the best teachers of the world in these fields, including visiting the clinic of Dr. Strittmatter in Germany in 2000.

Dr. Johnston returned to practice in psychotherapy, homeopathy and auricular acupuncture in 2000 after completing her training in homeopathy for medical doctors and her certification in auricular acupuncture. Dr. Johnston is also certified in psychosynthesis, transformational leadership, spiritual guidance and is certified as a teacher of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong qigong by Master Li Jun Feng. In 2006, Dr. Johnston completed a medical residency in palliative medicine, and became certified in Imago relationship counseling. Currently, Dr. Johnston lives with her partner, Muriel Agnes, in Mahone Bay. She is instructing Sheng Zhen Qigong, and is acting as a consultant to Vital Principle Institute.