Unlock the Difference between CBD Oil & Rick Simpson Oil

People who keep interest in medical marijuana are well acquainted with RSO. Also known as Rick Simpson Oil, this is one of the most concentrated forms of cannabis oil available in the market. After several tried and tested attempts, RSO has been crowned by the fraternity as an effective supplement for curing cancer.

However, a mass of people often confuses RSO with CBD oil owing to their origin and identical medical benefits. So, for both initiated and uninitiated here come a comparative analysis of Rick Simpson Oil and CBD for better comprehension.

rick simpson oil

  1. Origin

As a matter of fact, both RSO & CBD share the common genus plant. However, CBD oil is procured from hemp plant whereas; RSO is from Cannabis indica and strains of sativa. The former one bears fewer numbers of small-sized flowers. On the other hand, the latter plant yields bigger flowers in large quantities. However, both these plants are mainly cultivated for sufficing various medical needs. Starting from cancer to mental illness, these two herbs have more or less similar functions.

  1. THC Content

THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is a crystalline compound available in the cannabis plant. According to its chemical properties, this substance in psychoactive in nature and is responsible for producing a feeling of being high.

Precisely, THC has mind-altering capacities as it mimics the anandamide produced in the brain. High intake of THC can affect one’s cognitive behavior. One can notice a change in these following aspects after getting stoned:

  • Perception
  • Thinking
  • Movement
  • Coordination
  • Pleasure

Rick Simpson Oil has a high content of THC. The experts in medical marijuana have claimed that the oil of this sort contains full spectrum extract of cannabis. In all likelihood, THC content of RSO is of 50% to 60%. That’s quite good in amount.

On the contrary, CBD oil has a low amount of THC in it. Owing to its extraction from the hemp plant, CBD oil contain traces of THC, CNB and CBG. With such a low quantity of mind-altering substances, CBD is henceforth legal in various countries.

  1. Legal Obligations

Unfortunately owing to high THC content, RSO is abandoned in the majority of the countries barring the ones where cannabis is legal. However, considering its low content of THC, CBD is legal most of the nations.

Note: According to the norm, the optimum level of THC should vary between 0.2% and 0.3%.


  1. Safety Issue

As RSO has great amount of THC, it is not legally sold in stores. However, people by buying organic compounds can extract the same. However, individuals must  take proper measures to purify the oil prior use as it may contain various pollutants and germs.  CBD on the other front is available commercially and sold by reputable manufacturers. The oil remains generally free from any kind of germs.

  1. Extraction

Rick Simpson Oil is obtained by using a solvent-based extraction. CBD is procured by both CO2 extraction and solvent extraction respectively.

That’s the difference between RSO & CBD oil in a nutshell. As the former one is not available commercially, people can opt for CBD oil for treating their illnesses.

Marijuana and Its Cancer Inhibiting Effects

Research spanning more than a decade has shown that specific compounds like THC and CBD found in the cannabis plant have exhibited very marked anti-tumor properties and when used together these compounds present in Marijuana can kill cancer cells or can assist in reducing/ inhibiting tumor develop. It works especially well with cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy.

Marijuana can kill cancer cells

How does Marijuana kill cancer cells?

These cannabinoids specifically target the cancer cells but are harmless to the normal healthy cells.

The SETH Group, which features an interdisciplinary group of scientists looking into testing promising therapies which can be used with the available cancer treatments, says that:

When THC interacts with some specific receptors on the cell surface then it triggers a reaction on the inside of the cell. This reaction is different between normal cells and cancer affected cells because, in the latter case of the cancer cells, it leads to cell death while the former remains unaffected. So Marijuana kills cancer cells.

The difference has been surmised due to two things:

  • More numbers of receptors present on the outside of cancer cells.
  • A different type of reaction which happens inside of the cancer cells, when compared to the normal ones.

A cancer researcher, Dr. Cristina Sanchez, wrote in 1998 that this selective cell killing method of cannabinoids is in contrast to chemotherapy, which shows no mercy or discrimination while eliminating. She also mentions that the tumor cells undergo apoptosis or programmed cell death where the cells commit suicide.

Marijuana can kill cancer cell

Let’s talk about the Other Cancer Fighting Qualities of Cannabis:

Other actions include inhibiting the cell growth and development of new blood vessels. Otherwise, this feeds tumours and spreads cancer.

There are two more results of its actions:

  • A 2014 study showed that CBD enhanced the chances of tumor cells sticking to the killer white blood cells, which are called LAK cells and this led to cell destruction. The presence of a sticky protein called ICAM-1 helped in carrying this out as its production increased with CBD and so it was able to decrease the invasiveness and metastasizing ability of cancer cells.
  • Another 2014 study showed that two more cannabinoid cell receptors known as CB2 and GPR55, are responsible for the anti-tumor effects.

Dr. Wan Liu of St. George University says that these naturally produced cannabis works and impacts the same pathways which the drugs that cost billions also work on. In a 2013 study which tested six different cannabinoids along with their effects on leukemia cells, Dr. Liu observed that these compounds first targeted and then switched off the pathways which allow cancer to grow.

So basically, Marijuana kills cancer cells at less cost and with better efficacy. This (among others) makes him optimistic about the future of cannabis-based medicine.

Before using THC and CBD rich oils as part of a regimen, please do contact doctors and get different opinions on it so as to get the best-informed science-based treatment possible.

What Are The Medical Tests Done In a CIC Exam? 

Immigrating to Canada? You must be well aware of the fact that as an immigrant, you will need to go through a series of medical examination. It can be said that in order to become admissible, one would need to go through a medical examination.

A medical examination is necessary when one plans to immigrate to Canada or any other part of the world. Immigrants need to be prepared for the examination which is often conducted by the approved physician of the immigrating country. For Canada, the CIC medical doctors can be requested to conduct the examination. One thing which must be kept in mind, while choosing the doctor for the CIC medical exam is that the doctor must have been approved by IRCC. If the doctor is not approved by IRCC, the test report won’t be considered valid.

Remaining Prepared

The moment immigrants get the medical exam request from the visa office, immigrants should go for the medical examination. The medical exam should be conducted within 30 days of the request. Any delay in getting the tests done can affect the visa processing process.

Examination of All

Whether you are a worker or a student or an entrepreneur, you will need to go through a medical exam process. Once you are ready for the medical examination process, you need to book an appointment with a doctor. You can select the physician from the list of CIC medical doctors. The appointed doctor will carry out the required medical exams and send the results to the immigration office.

CIC medical doctors

What Are The Medical Exams?

If you are interested to learn about the different medical exams that are conducted at the clinic, you can go through the rest of the blog.

When an immigrant goes to the doctor’s chamber for the medical tests, they are required to bring passport size photographs, previous prescriptions and medical reports, glasses, and official paper from the visa office.

The CIC medical doctors carry out physical examinations on the immigrants. The doctor will, first of all, ask the immigrants questions regarding functional inquiry of the medical report. After that, the doctor would carry out a detailed physical and mental examination. The physical examination is done in order to find out any scars and tattoos.

CIC medical doctors

The doctor might advise on some necessary tests, such as

  • Chest X-ray for TB or Thyroid

  • Urine tests for glucose level

  • Blood test for Syphilis, HCV, and HIV

One thing which must be kept in mind is that the medical examination becomes necessary if one plans to stay in the country for more than six months. However, when one needs to go through a CIC medical exam, one needs to be honest with their CIC medical doctors.

CIC medical doctors

One must keep in mind that the CIC medical doctors are not responsible for making any decision. The immigration office decided if the immigrant would be considered admissible to the country or not. In case, the visa office finds an immigrant with a medical condition that can lead to excessive demand for the Canadian health-care services, the immigrant won’t be provided the visa.

CIC medical doctors

Signs and Symptoms of Methadone Abuse

Methadone is used as a opioid painkiller for treating the individuals who are suffering from addiction to the opiate drugs. Methadone should be prescribed before consumption because it is also a highly addictive opiate drug. By taking methadone, the patient can lead a normal life and can perform all the regular activities and hence it is used for treatment. When a patient is given the methadone treatment, he needs to be under the supervision of a medical practitioner or he needs to visit a methadone rehab clinic.

Reasons to Use Methadone

Methadone is chosen to reduce the opiate addiction because it is relatively cheaper in comparison to the high-end painkillers. It is also a popular choice because of its half-life. The half-life of methadone is around twenty-two hours and that is why the individual does not become very high. When a patient is consuming the prescribed dose of methadone, it is quite difficult to see immediate symptoms. If you are thinking about undergoing the methadone treatment, you should visit methadone rehab clinic.

By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea about the various symptoms and signs of methadone treatment.

Initial Symptoms

When an individual has visited methadone rehab clinic and has started consuming methadone then he experiences dizziness. Nausea, sweating, slowed breath, drowsiness, vomiting, constricted pupil, constipation and confusion are the other common symptoms which are faced by the patients. If the patient is consuming methadone in small quantities, he might be able to perform all the day-to-day functions normally. In case the patient starts consuming methadone in large quantities, he might feel sluggish and might be unable to drive.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Methadone

The withdrawal symptoms of methadone are sweating, body pain, restlessness and yawning. The patient might also face gastrointestinal disorders, cramps and vomiting. In case of methadone, the symptoms take much longer to appear but they might also last for a longer period of time.

methadone rehab clinic


Physical Symptoms

The methadone treatment should be performed by medicinal practitioner or can be performed at methadone rehab clinic. The physical effects of methadone are weakness, loss of appetite, dry mouth, sweating, problem in urinating, clamminess, weak muscles, headache, sore tongue, flushing, vision problems, sleep disorders, slower reflexes and concentration issues.

methadone rehab clinic

Methadone is used because it is less powerful than the other opioids but it can make the individual feel light headed and sedated. Some serious side effects of methadone are itching, seizure, increased heartbeat, restlessness, problems in swallowing, breathing problems, drowsy feelings, fainting and hallucinations. The other symptoms include swelling of the mouth, throat and tongue, swelling of the eyes and face.

methadone rehab clinic

Long Term Effects

It has been observed that the patients who take in methadone experience reduced testosterone levels. The women who are consuming methadone for a long period of time might face issues with their menstrual cycle. Methadone also has an effect on the body and brain and is said to reduce the sexual desires. If the patient is consuming methadone for prolonged periods of time, he would have issues with memory, learning problems and cognitive functioning of the body.

If you are planning to undergo methadone treatment, you should visit methadone rehab clinic and check the Neworld detox reviews here