Students“Dr. Muriel Agnes of Vital Principle Institute first brought me to teach in North America in 2003. Since then we have collaborated and she has developed a comprehensive training program in German Auricular Medicine. With the VPI training, practitioners will learn current developments in auricular acupuncture, and the approach taught in Germany; a system that will bring profound results through clearing blockages to healing and stubborn symptoms. Not only does the VPI team offer the only systematic training of the whole program in the English language in the world, they are highly professional and caring teachers.”
-Dr. Beate Strittmatter

German Auricular Medicine (GAM) Training Program

Join a growing network of GAM Health Practitioners.


NCCAOM PDA points awarded for successful completion of seminars.
Vital Principal Institute, founded in 2003, is an auricular acupuncture continuing education provider. We are training health professionals world-wide who want to add an exciting, precise, effective modality to their clinical practice. Even seasoned practitioners who attend our training are often amazed at the quick and profound healing effects of GAM.

Our specialty is German Auricular Medicine as developed and taught by Dr. Frank Bahr and Dr. Beate Strittmatter in Germany. We offer the only comprehensive training of this medicine in English in the world!

Qigong is another healing art that Vital Principle Institute promotes and offers for its superior ability to activate self-healing. In particular, we are partnered with the International Society of Sheng Zhen Gong and its world wide network of practitioners.

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