“Since integrating German Auricular Medicine into my practice, my results with patients with chronic pain have improved significantly as it provides us with direct access to the brain and autonomic nervous system. Combine this with movement therapies (ie repeated movement, corrective exercise, yoga therapy or pilates) and your ability to reduce a patients perceived threat of pain will improve drastically. I love this stuff! ”
- Morris, Physiotherapist, Toronto.

“The power of this treatment (at an onsite training seminar) is indescribable. It changed my life. My eyes improved, no more prism glasses, no more numbness, no more headaches and I am functioning at the highest level ever since 2011 (auto accident). Words cannot express my gratitude and excitement about this medicine and everyone at VPI who taught me how to use it.”
- Desneige, RN, Acupuncturist, Boston

“I have been using German Auricular Acupuncture as taught in the VPI Seminar I consistently and the results have been extraordinarily reliable. I’m always looking for clues to better help my patients, and the auricular points are adding dramatically to the results of my musculoskeletal treatments. I always knew that anxieties and stresses were part of the treatment canon for aches and pains but never had a good consistent method of getting at it….until now.

I suspect that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to you and your associates for the gift!”
-Derek, Chiropractor, Ontario

“I continue to marvel at the effectiveness of auricular acupuncture – even after 3 years of study. I employ auricular acupuncture daily in my practice -can’t imagine not having this gentle but powerful tool. It is extremely complementary in my private physiotherapy practice, which also includes manual therapies, therapeutic exercise, acupuncture, and other physical modalities such as laser. I appreciate the thorough instruction and opportunities for continuing education with VPI in this system of German auricular therapy”.
- Lynn, Physiotherapist, BC

“The German approach taught by Vital Principle seems to have the best handle on how the ear works as a reflex system. It seems to have the most internal consistency and logic, and the best insight into possibilities for advanced applications and for unraveling complicated cases. I also like that you can double check yourself as you work through a case. That gives me extra confidence in the methodology. I think the Germans are at least 20 years ahead in this art and technique.”
- Dieter, Chiropractor, ON

“I really appreciate the professionalism of this organization and also the investment that is made in educating practitioners. Thank you Muriel. You not only convey information clearly but are concerned that people are successful in treating patients. You are also doing a tremendous amount to promote the medicine. Bravo! I have taken many courses. Most of them are just that. I look forward to ongoing participation with VPI. ”
- Risa, Acupuncturist, New Jersey

“I use the technique a lot and it works fabulously for me!”
- Jennifer, Physiotherapist, NS

“German Auricular Medicine has become a very important adjunct in my practice.”
- Ben, Acupuncturist, AB

“Currently, there are many acupuncture courses in the world. For me, your program is the best!”
- Mo, M.D., Iran

“I have taken acupuncture courses over the years. Vital Principle Institute has an auricular acupuncture course that ranks number ONE in North America. All health practitioners, even those who may not be interested in acupuncture itself, should learn this protocol of diagnosis which originated in Germany. All practitioners have some clients that reach a plateau. The diagnosis protocol of this training program will help them find the blockages that are preventing full recovery.”
- Garry, Dentist, ON

“I have been seeing great results when treating hot flushes lately. Most times I don’t even check the hormones and just stick with focal disturbances and main complaints. The results have been astonishing. Thanks for the advice.”
- Kim, Acupuncturist, BC

“I have a much better understanding of the significance and processes involved in the German Auricular Medicine course. Big thanks to your excellent teaching skills!”
- Cheryl, Acupuncturist, Michigan

“After a few decades of practicing traditional acupuncture, learning ear acupuncture with Muriel Agnes is just like receiving new blood and acquiring in a clear and precise way a treatment method of a tremendous efficiency.”
- Jacques, Acupuncturist, QC

“The accuracy and effectiveness of results of this therapy is exciting! Very patient, understanding and effective teachers… Keep teaching this!”
-Jim, Medical Doctor, Nova Scotia

“I have been using the ampoules and the VAS to diagnose and treat some of my most difficult patients. I have experienced some rather remarkable results. People seem to feel a lot better both during and following the treatments.”
- Joe, Acupuncturist, BC

“I treated a colleague who had been rear-ended 3 months ago. She was getting physio and regular acupuncture with no relief to the point she was wondering if she could continue her work. She was, as they say, ‘blown away’ and is virtually back to health. She can’t wait to take the course!”
- Heather, M.D., BC

“Everyone has patients who, despite the right diagnosis, good point selection and needling technique, even the right herbal prescription, just don’t improve. Wonder why? Here’s your answer…and solution. Auricular acupuncture as developed from Nogier by Bahr, Strittmatter et al in Germany provides the ability to find and treat those ‘blocks to healing’ or focal disturbances. The first level of training can be taken immediately into your clinic and put to use, improving results dramatically. The second level, as befits such a profound technique, takes a little practice – but the rewards are worth it!”
- Donna, Dr.TCM, BC

“Thank you for this amazing Seminar! I can honestly say that this is the best course in Auricular Medicine that I have ever taken. I feel confident and full of energy, ready to apply everything I learned. Your teaching style is brilliant, you have an ability to present a huge amount of information in a way that is easy to understand, learn and remember. The thing I like the most about the course is that there is ample opportunity to observe and practice. You and Peter are great instructors and don’t give up on anyone until they can feel the VAS and are able to demonstrate what they have learned.”
- Jacqueline, M.D., Massachusetts

“Dr. Muriel is such a wonderful teacher. She is able to present a very complicated energy medicine in a coherent and organized way so that you can take it home and integrate it into your practice. Her delightful manner always keeps the class moving forward on a positive note! Other courses that aspired to teach the same system did not impart nearly the amount of information, let alone being able to use it in practice.”
- Brett, Massage Therapist, Maine

“The accuracy and effectiveness of results of this therapy is exciting! Very patient, understanding and effective teachers… Keep teaching this!”
- Jim, M.D., NS

“Thank you! You offer the opportunity to commit deeply to our paths as healers.”
- Reg. Acupuncturist, Maine

“Your seminar last weekend in German ear acupuncture was overwhelmingly wonderful. I am blown away by the implications!”
- Alston, MD, New Mexico